Gearing up for a new season.

With March Missions behind us we were so blessed to meet so many wonderful new people from our church who share in the same things that we are into.  As we move forward into spring I am reminded how much the Lord has been so faithful to us and to those around us, yes there has been discouragement, and the over abundances of love, joy, growth and yes even silence.  Discouragement is one of the devils greatest tools to use against us. It is a tool that sneaks in on us like the wind blowing across the Wyoming plains. It happens when you start running through the door that is opened and then BANG! it closes. It takes a lot of prayer and faith to get back up and remember that He has it covered and that we have an all- sufficient word ,”Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 and so we wait to see and hear how we are to proceed  and pray for God’s exit strategy into the mission field.  

Abundance, Joy, Love and growth.  The blessing of a new home.  The joy in our granddaughter’s heart as she keeps us going and how she thought she was being paid $100 to help us during the month of March at the table.  This got a lot of laughs.  She is getting taller and is the purest joy to us.  The love we have for each other and for those who are also going out into the mission field, we are learning from each other how the Lord has delivered each one of us and brought us all to where we are now, our calling to be the hands & feet of Jesus.   

We have moved out of the kids house and finally give them their space to enjoy their new home.  We have moved to Lyon’s, I know most of you have heard it before and well it is final.  We have been 2 weeks and it is an adjustment.  Bob is still in Denver 2-3 days a week and in Lyon’s for the rest of the time.  I am finishing some subbing assignments at the academy for the month of May.  School will be done soon and l am excited to finish out this season well.  

We managed to take a day and do a day trip to Allenspark, CO. what a beautiful drive.  Mt. Meeker is beautiful and it has been a while since we have been to the Church on the Rock.  When I was a kid we went there for camp and I have always loved this area.  In the picture you can see how the flood from 3.5 yrs ago caused damage to the area.  Still standing -this beautiful creation.  Talk about a mountain  top experience, this is it.  I would have loved to post that picture to this update, but I have not mastered that yet, you can see it on Facebook. Please.

As things come to a close here in Lyon’s we are praying about where our next deployment will be.  The couple we have been serving with, Curt & Mary Jo are also praying for their next place to serve.  They have been such a great couple to glean from.  Very helpful with advice, fellowship and their friendship will always be a blessing for Bob & I.  So with that being said we covet your prayers; for travel mercies, clear guidance, wisdom also support to help us launch soon.  We will be posting a list of items/equipment/tools for the tool trailer.  

As for support, our financial needs  are in the early stage of being met. We will be living on God’s provision and rely on him to provide our needs. as missionaries anywhere, in order to be effective in the field, it is necessary to rely on the generosity of those who share our vision. We also believe that where God abides-He provides. If you feel He has spoken to you about coming alongside us, will you please pray for confirmation and visit our giving page?

Some really great news-one of the families we have been helping were able to move back into their home over the weekend. What an emotional time for all involved. God is working and we are blessed to be a part of His design.

 So I close for now with this;

 So, my brothers & sisters, be strong and immovable.

 Always working enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.

1 Corinthians 15:58 (NLT)


Peace & Love to you.

More to come.





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