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Hello Family & Friends

Wow, what a crazy year not only for the pandemic but also the amount of storms we have had in 2020.  I am always inspired when a new year comes around.  My hopes and prayers with each season is to be able to keep up with things, for instance, updates on what we are up to and where we are at, personal emails to supporters and keeping up with the changes in technology as well as knowing the importance to be faithful with how the Lord is using us during these incredibly challenging times.  We are currently in a women’s study on the Holy Spirit and how He is our helper, a wonderful addition to our daily/hourly partner to get us through life’s trials.  I am aware of how much I need to rely on Him for all things even when it comes to sending out updates. 

Let me start by saying thank you for your faithful support and prayers,  (2 Corinthians 9:8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you always having all sufficiency in all things , may have an abundance for every good work).  Please let me know if you have not received your tax deductible receipt for 2020 yet.  Our sweet friend and accountant is getting things prepared for us and we don’t want to miss anyone.  Please send information even if you did not give online.   We covet your prayers and love to hear from you.  My request today is one of making sure that I have your correct information; emails, phone numbers if you wish to share and also the best way to contact you for your support tax information.  My email is cmatthews1413@gmail.com or call me.

We are currently still in Corpus Christi and have been deploying from here.  We were blessed by serving during the hurricane season last year and what a season it was 5 storms hit the Gulf Coast and with each one we were able to serve with supplies, labor, prayer and organize volunteers.  Our longest deployment was in Dequincy LA..  We were there for 2 months.  It was awesome to serve with Mercys Chefs, Samaritans’ Purse and be able to work with Convoy of Hope.  These organizations are incredible heavy hitters when it comes to deploying to disasters, we love to serve with them.  Our host church was First Baptist Church of DeQuincy.  The church family there were great and very helpful.  We also had the pleasure of working with the local sheriffs  and police officers, EM team and their staff along with inmates that helped us with supplies and labor (praying for and with them was a blessing for us it allowed us into their lives and show how Jesus loves even the sinner & how He can change their lives).  We did have to evacuate from DeQuincy when another hurricane came through.   During this time Bob was able to serve with Pastor Rod & Fab in Acuna Mexico with Casa Por Cristo.  Their trip was a scouting trip for future mission trips to this area.  Please visit their site to see what they are all about.  The guys along with other pastor’s built a house for a family of 4 in 4 days!!! yes in 4 days.  During his time in Mexico I was able serve with Samaritian’s Purse.

When we returned to DeQuincy we knew that there would be no electricity and that many people coming back home from evacuation would need meals, so Bob and I worked out a few menus and shopped for groceries and set out with grills, coolers, canopies and Faith to serve 375 + meals in two days.  We were blessed by Marcus, a man from church who helped with grilling chicken and serving.  The most amazing thing happened even though we ran out of food the Lord blessed us with others dropping off food for us to cook and continue to serve till dark.  Bob’s favorite part of these two days was being able to meet and pray with each car as they came through to pick up meals.  There were tears, joy, and tons of folks who came through even after we ran out of food to encourage us and be prayed over and share in a Jesus conversation.  

As many of you know we have been in prayer the past year for a mobile kitchen to add to our ministry.  And after the last few days in Dequincy serving meals we are planning on moving forward with the planning and purchase of a full service mobile kitchen.  The Lord has shown us that the need is so great for this and that we have been blessed with not only the gift to recover and rebuild but also the gift to plan, cook, and serve meals.  We know that during and after a disaster the needs of folks are great and the need to feel normal and safe can be done by having a home cooked meal, someone to pray for/with them to come along side of them to love on them. We have also experienced how it has helped with those who need to help out even if they were affected by the storm.  We have also noticed the changes in how folks eat when their lives are disrupted during these times, it is our hope that when we serve a yummy homemade meal and share in conversations it builds a relationship with Jesus.     

We have gotten 2 proposals so far, 1 from Concession Trailers located in Florida and the other from Smokin Joe’s Trailers in Texas.  Our proposal for this kitchen buildout is 8×28 trailer.  This size of trailer will allow us to be able to serve 400 plus meals a day.  This kitchen will allow us to be able to go into areas that might not have power and still operate on a generator.  We ask for prayers and if you wish to know more please give me a call there is so many details to share.  We will be posting more information as this comes to light.  This is a great step of faith and as ya’ll know we love to step out especially when it is from the Lord.  

I hope and pray for your health and well being. Peace & Love

In His Service

Cate & Bob

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!



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