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Bob & I want to say thank you to those of you who have texted, called, emailed and talked to us about going to Texas.  With each message that we have received or persons whom we have spoken with please know that we have been in prayer about where the Lord wants us to go.  We have been blessed to have Joe & Michelle Whitney partner with us as we head to Texas. This dynamic couple were part of and ran a relief center hosted by Calvary Fellowship Church in Baton Rouge so they have lots of experience on how to serve the smaller areas of need.  We had 2 teams from Calvary Chapel Aurora serve with them last year and it was awesome because we made so many new friends.

At this time there are areas still flooded and folks are not able to return to their homes to start the clean up.  Some communities are still without  access to the basic daily needs of running water, electric, or a place to rest that is their own.  These are the areas we are praying about going into, we have had several conversations with pastor’s of Calvary”s in the areas of Liberty, Beaumont, Orange, Cypress and Houston and offering our guidance and help in working to prepare for the many months of recovery that it will take to get back to a new norm.  

We have set up a supply wish list through for tools on our Facebook page. These items will be shipped to Bob’s office where our 20 ft. tool trailer is located.  We will need all of these items when we first arrive to start with the clean up in areas affected by the flooding.  As things progress we will post other needed items at each phase of recovery.

Not only will we need supplies for tearing out and rebuilding but we will also be working on and organizing teams to come along side of us in serving the communities.  When this happens we will post on Facebook,  this website and reach out to our church family and our community to those who wish to come and spend time with us.  It is amazing to see how the Lord works when destruction like this happens.  He not only lets us share the word with those who might not know him but it allows us to shine like the city on the hill and He gets all the glory (and with that said I won’t get weird, thank you Pastor Tony Clark).  

And you may ask yourself how can I help?  Please know that After the Storm 4 is a non-profit 501(C)3 charity. Your gift is tax deductible and all your donations go directly to where we will be.  All love gifts/support will be used towards fuel for ministry travel, equipment/tools that we need there if not purchased from our wish list, food for feeding people because that’s what happens when ever we go somewhere.  Listed below are a few things that we wish to take with us when we roll out in 3 weeks, these items are not on the wish list, they are items we wish take with us to bless people with upon arrival; 

**Back packs for kiddos who will be going back to school mid September, we would like them to have supplies that each child would need to start out the new school year, use your child’s present school supply list to fill it, that would be awesome, that way the packs will be ready to hand out and also they will be easier to pack in the trailer.  Let me say that the gift of a new backpack and schools supplies have always been such a thrill for kids to have something new.

Please visit our Facebook page  after the storm 4 Christ and view our wish list.  These items you can drop off at Calvary Chapel Aurora.  We also have a list of needs on Amazon under After the Storm 4 Christ, this list is for tools and needed items for cleaning, demoing, and rebuilding.  

All donations we receive are greatly appreciated and are a blessing. As you know we are a volunteer ministry and we rely on your generosity and prayers.  Please pray for God’s provision, guidance and wisdom as we walk out in faith to serve those in need of His love and salvation.

In His Hands


Bob & Cate




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